Heiiii Bloggen!

Hello people of the internet, Here I am blogging about my experiences from the real world through my eyes.
Well, mostly it’s going to be viewed through the lense of my camera, which is going to make it look way better than it actually is…
Basically the same as any other blogger out there…

I have long been back and forth on starting a blog or not. I have been posting stuff on Facebook, but I want to use less energy on that timethief, I don’t like being the product, and more importantly this makes it way easier to look back at earlier posts. Because mainly this blog is for me, for future reference, like a diary, logbook and photo album.

I don’t want this blog to be about my “perfect” life sailing around the world, I hope to make it earnest and honest, showing good things and bad things about the life I have chosen to live. I hope it can be of some sort of inspiration as well. Like an alternaltive to the daily grind most of us are caught in.

Hopefully I will manage to translate my experiences into words, in a way that benefits more than only me.

3 thoughts on “Heiiii Bloggen!

  1. Arne Sandsbakk says:

    Hi Axel
    I will always renner you for the name of your tender BakAxel.
    Ours is named Guleknallcool by my grandson.
    Wish you fare winds, following seas and a safe trip, looking forward to follow you on the blog.
    Sailing regards
    Crew on Double Pleasure

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