Work, work, work, float!

I have had some difficulties with posting on the blog while I have been here. But with some help from my IT consultant I have now gotten around that problem.
I arrived on the 23rd of November. I arrived late in the evening, the boat was a mess on the outside and on the inside, it was moldy and dirty, so I had to clean the boat on the inside before I could go to sleep for the night. The next week I was working from sunrise to sunset to get it ready for my first crew arrival. To list a few things: I have installed a new solar panel, the boat has been cleaned, waxed, I have serviced the engine. the damages on the rudder and keel I got in Cuba are fixed. I have had a dinghy cover made, new cushion covers, bimini is in the making, half the anchor chain had to be removed and renewed due to rust. Cockpit hatch is varnished, front hatch is fixed and New sails are made!

Mats arrived on the 3rd of December, it was nice with some company, and an excuse to go exploring the hot springs in the jungle.
After that I set him to work as well, and he have primed and anti-fouled the whole boat.

We have not done much else than working since then really, we are on a bit of a tight schedule to get to Panama in time for Mats’s flight on the 10th of January. So got to get the boat ready as quickly as possible…

We got a bit freaked out when I discovered a little black scorpion lurking under the boat. My 5 year old nephew explained via Skype it surely is the most poisonous in Central America! Hope he is wrong…
We also spotted a beetle the size of my hand laying dead in front of the boat, and we almost stepped on a tarantella on the way home one evening. It was dead, but still pretty freaky!

Finally we got the boat launched. It floats!

But bak-axel’s fuel tank is cracked, so we have to paddle the dinghy to get around.. We are just finalizing a few things now before we should be ready to go for Isla de Utila on Friday!
Hopefully we will find a solution to the dinghy motor problem before leaving!

The adventure is about to start!!!

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