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Merry Chistmas!

Me, Mare, Bak-Axel, Oddvar and Mats are celebrating Christmas in Guanaja, Honduras this year, it is by chance and not by choice, as the weather is not in our favour at the moment, and we are kind of stuck here. We were hoping to be on the way to Panama. But we forgot that the 23rd of December is a Sunday, and the day before the big J’s birthday, so we could not find an immigration officer to check us out of the country, and we cannot go without the right papers to present in the next country… Forunately Guanja it is a very interesting place to be, and we are looking forward to explore the reefs out here, to walk the hills and rainforrests of the island and to see some local christmas celebrations! The main town of the Island is on its own little Island, most of the houses are built on stilts in the sea, no cars here, only boats. Most people speak english, and for being a fishing community with limited toruism, people seem educated and relatively weatlhy. It generally looks like a good place to grow up and live. People are very frindly, in fact a restauant owner let us open a tap in good faith as the ATM is closed until 26th December, so he gave us a delicious Hondurian breakfast, and even offered to borrow us cash. We saw a giant leatherback turle out by the reefs while sailing to a little settlement called Savannah. The first thing you see here is a few healthy pigs having their nesting place along the beach, and I can still hear the fireworks from the christmas celebrations in the village.
For now it looks like we will spend a week or so while waiting for the weather. Hopefully we will be able to get to Panama before Mats’s flight on the 10th. Internet is poor here, so I am not able to share any pictures at the moment.

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