Rio Dulce to Guanaja

Here are some pictures from our struggles the last few weeks!

Mats at the helm in Lago Izabal, testing the new sails,
Motoring down Rio Dulce
Enjoying the change of scenery
Dramatic cliffs in the jungle
Motoring out of Rio Dulce and Livingston, after checking out of Guatemala. Made it to the Anchorage just before dark..
Found new friends to sail along with, don’t have any photos of them though, will fix that soon. this is on their boat in Guanaja, Honduras. Boat: Vega
Guanaja, playing with Bak-Axel
checking out Bonacca, the capitol town of Guanaja. the whole town is made on a artificial Island
All the waterfront houses are on stilts, many with boat garages underneath.
you can not see the Island itself from the sea, it is completely covered in houses…
We found Paradise. Half moon Caye, got cicked out after 30 minutes though, private island…
Bak-Axel chilli’n in the shade with Mare in the background.


We went on a expedition in the jungle. Didn’t find the trail, got lost…
We got to the top though, the view was good, but all the sand flies and mosquitoes were not…
happy with the machete, but wish we brought long trousers, the grass was like razors…
Just a quick look at the current situation while making this post,




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