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I, and we have been so incredibly busy over the last few months, I have had no time or energy to update this blog-internet-page-thing. But now we are leaving for the longest crossing I have ever done, and probably will ever do. The Pacific!!!! I will probably update the blog during the crossing, if not, I will definately do it when we get to the other side in about 50 days.

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3 thoughts on “Hello Blog!

  1. Janne apenes says:

    Hei Axel og Christina. Tenker på dere i et eventyr med hav. Krysser fingrene for dere når dere krysser Stillehavet. Du/ dere er modige og tørr og oppfylle drømmene. Finnes det en Gud , så bør han se litt til dere. Hilsen fra landet i nord. Mathis og Janne

  2. Brit Engebakken says:

    Alt mulig hell og lykke på turen for begge to ønskes fra Brit, Det er spennende å følge med!

  3. Tor Killie says:

    Hi Aksel, have a good one on your way across “the big one”. Can see from your position reports that you may pay the Galapagos Islands a visit.

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