//WL2K Day 7 at sea!

Day 7 at sea!
We are on the way again! Finally!
I have been so busy, and frankly not had the inspiration to update the blog for a few months, but I hope I’ll get inspired now at sea. I definately have the time to write now… So maybe I’ll manage to summarize the last couple (and a half) months during this crossing. We’ll see 🙂 Anyway, we are on the way!
It is going slow so far, we have covered a little over 500nm during this week, and have 3500nm to go! We are taking it easy, been fishing, – no catch so far. During one of the first days a huge bird tried to land in the top of the mast, it broke my Windex (wind indicator) and almost tore down the VHF antenna aswell. Bloody bird! Eventually it gave up the mast and landed on the bow spit instead. It must have been exhausted. We tried to feed it, but we had no fish, and it was in no mood for cheese, crackers and grapes. After one and a half day it must have been tired our company, and probably disappointed by our lacking hostpitality and flew away again.

One night we heard a weird squirting noise from the cockpit, and we found a little squid that was probably escaping some underwater predator and thought Mare was a safer place to be. It was having a hard time breathing (If that is what fish does, Breathe)? And it was flashing red and white. So we helped it out into the sea again.

Another night I woke up by a terrible scream from outside, it was a big bird getting a bit too close for comfort as Christina was doing her nightshift. It was trying to land on the solar panels in the back, but it kept sliding off in the rolly waves… I am pretty sure the scream did not come from the bird…
We also sailed past a huge pod of dolphins, 100’s of them, some were showing off and jumped super high!

PS: If you just heard a new joke you think we should hear, if Donald Trump has been impeached yet, if there is any other news out there you think we should hear about or you just want to say hi. Write to me and or Christina on the “Contact” tab, I can recieve the e-mails when I’m sailing, and I really appreciate some contact from the outside world!

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