//WL2K Day 36 at sea

Hello people with internet!
We are still crossing the biggest wilderness on this planet, got about 500nm left to go, so we can almost smell land now (not really), About 6 days sailing and we are there!
It is strange how fast every day goes, not much is happening, we watch a movie or a series on the computer, We’ve had a little sewing project going which is now completed and we listen to podcasts, play cards, eat and sleep. We have been fishing a little too, got a 70cm deepwater fish of some kind, ugly as hell, and only skin and bones. Actually got the same type of fish while crossing the Atlantic, and I am still not sure what kind of fish it is. We have stopped fishing though, the sea is a bit rough at the moment, and there is quite a lot of wind too, so I Just don’t want to have a fish to filet while the boat is rolling, pitching and splashing as it is now.
We did have a visit of a huge pod of dolphins about a week or two ago (hard to keep track of the days) they were swimming with us for at least 30 minutes. awesome creatures! We also see a lot of birds out here, which surprises me. I wish I brought a birdwatching book, so I could tell you what kind of birds we see. because it is a lot of different species! I did not think they ventured this far out to sea…
We are really looking forward to seeing land again, to taste some fresh fruits and go swimming and hiking! But as we look to the future it makes it harder to enjoy the present, so we try not to think too much of it at the same time. And rather try to enjoy our time stumbling around the boat, spilling food everywhere, getting splashed by waves at the worst possible moments and trying not to fall out of bed while sleeping. in other words, we are enjoying the struggles of life at sea.

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