//WL2K Land a’ho!

We have arived in French Polynesia!!!
Dropped the anchor in Hanaiapa bay in Hiva Oa yesterday (Friday). What a place! will update with photos later, I think that will explain things better than I can…
We have been sailing for 43 days (excluding one day we spent on Galapagos) and th average speed since Panama is at 3,9kt! not bad at all 🙂 It must be said that we were 3 days faster than a catamaran that left a week before us, and another boat that left 10 hours before us is still out there. (altough they had some issues along the way) It goes to show that Mare is proving herself again and again! both me and Christina are equally impressed by this tiny and comfy little sailboat! We were very lucky with our choice of route, and we almost did not have any squalls (tropical rain showers – can be very dramatic) and we almost all the way had the current going our way. the day before we arrived we both agreed that we could easily have spent 10 more days at sea, as we really enjoyed it …most of the time…
In true Oddvar Brå style, Oddvar broke his ski pole just 22 hours before we entered this awesome anchorage. I am so happy with his work, he has been on watch steering the boat for almost 42 days 24hours a day. he is definately among the most important equipment onboard!
After dropping the anchor we had some tomatoe soup and some poor peoples champagne before crashing in the cockpit, almost with glass and soup bowl in hand. Now we are about to inflate the Rubber-Beaver (My new inflatable kayak) and step ashore to see what this tropical Island have to offer. We have quite a bit of salty laundry to deal with, so hopefully we can find some way of getting it cleaned up. we also need some drinking water, as we discovred that all our water jugs had foul water in them. and we have been making water when needed since the water tanks were empty 4 days ago.
That is it for now, time to get going here!

One thought on “//WL2K Land a’ho!

  1. Tor Killie says:

    Impressive – impressive. Any decided route after you have had a well deserved break, not to mention new laundry, for the continuation? Anyway, enjoy – enjoy in the “hula – hula” part of the world.
    I’ve been followed you on a daily basis on your voyage, is it possible that you indicate sailing distance between each daily post?
    (Wish I had your courage and were a number of decades younger…..)
    All the best to you two.

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