//WL2K Tropical Paradise

Hello people!
We have settled in and are getting used to the life at anchor. This place is the most beautiful I have ever seen. There is a small village tucked away in a valley just inside the bay. There is only one street which leads to Atuona, The Capital of the Island. The sides of the street is overgrown with fruit trees, flowers, coconuts and bananas. It is Insane!
On Monday we had to go to Atuona to check in to the country, While we were waiting for a taxi to pick us up, we were given Mangos, Starfruits (?), Papaya. And later we got bananas and Pamplemos (?) (Huge grape fruits) all for free.

We had Laundry day on Sunday, and filled the watertanks aswell, today we finished cleaning the boat on the outside, we took the rubber-Beaver (Kayak) for a paddle, We snorkled a little and I had a 2m Manta Ray swiming right under me! The water is a bit murky, and I did not expect to see anything special. And suddenly this huge shadow unveilds itself under me! – I got very excited…

We still have to clean and organize the inside of the boat. When that is done we will turn our attention more to the scenerey around us, and I hope we will be in Fatu Hiva by the end of this week. (The Island where Thor Heyerdahl spent a year in the 1930’s with Liv). It is just a daysail from here.

At midnight today (Tuesday 07.05) we expect Vagabond to enter the anchorage aswell, Vagabond is the boat that left 10 hours before us from Panama. They have had a tiresome passage as their self steering was damaged by a whale, so they have been steering 24 hours a day for the past 2 weeks… We are very much looking forward to see them again!

We are taking plenty of Pictures – well mostly Christina is, But the Internet Access here is worse than I expected. So we will not be able to upload anything graphic until we find a decent connection… And, we are actually used to not having internet now, which is really nice and relaxing. Except that we are not able to settle any factual arguments with Google or Wikipedia. Like: When was the 52 playing cards invented? And how did Bob Marley die? We are truly enjoying our time in this tropical Paradise without that knowledge though!
A small factual additon before I end the blogging for today: – French Polynesia consists of over 100 islands in five archipelagos: the Society Islands, the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier Islands and Australs. French Polynesia is roughly the size of Europe!
There you go!

2 thoughts on “//WL2K Tropical Paradise

  1. GW Whelan says:

    There are four “suits” of 13 cards each per pack corresponding to the 13 annual lunar cycles. Thus 4×13 totals 52 as in 52 weeks per year. Apparently there are actually 365 symbols in total in a pack of cards thereby completing the perfect mirroring of our calendar.
    Bob Marley contracted skin cancer originating in his toe in 1977, he refused on religious grounds to follow medical advice and have the toe amputated. The cancer spread and he died, aged 36, in a Miami hospital on May 11th. 1981 having taken ill on a flight back from Germany where he sought alternative treatment for his illness.
    Have a great day in paradise and a double ration of rum for your brilliant and inspiring crew !.

  2. john acomb says:

    Hie Axel, Enjoy your blog. I am a former collegue of your dad and a lifetime sailor. Bob Marley died of melanoma (Im a survivor :)). Im active at KNS so come visit us when in Oslo.
    Hils John

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