Panama pictures

Sun deck

Family visit in Las Perlas, Panama


The Lounge

Finn visiting the Lounge to play a little round of “Tress & Flush”

weekend shopping trip

just went to buy a couple of cans of diced tomatoes…

where to put the food!?

where to put all the food?

got enough onions?

Still have plenty of onions 65 days later…


Christina got some dysentery. had to make a service stop in the San Carlos puplic Hostpital, excelent service!

Got a nice patch!
Rig inspection

Greetings from Galapagos!

Pacific sunrise. On the way to Polynesia!

One thought on “Panama pictures

  1. Mari says:

    Så gøy å se litt bilder! Men hva driver dere med nå om dagen egentlig? Har dere bosatt dere?
    Guttene savner onkel fælt nå❤️
    Klemmer til dere begge🤗

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