more pictures from our time in Hanaiapa

Hiva Oa,
where we are…
checking out some culture. Gaugin spent his last last years in Hiva Oa.
Picking some trash. generally Marquesas is very clean! The french has a very good influence on the Islands when it comes to plastic pollution!

Atuona, Hiva Oa
Our friend Adam, ready to hunt some pigs.
17th May celebration in Hanaiapa.
Christina performing some beautiful new songs she made during the crossing.
She got a polynesian dress and necklace from Tatiana and Adam.
This is Stick, one of the 5 puppies that Adam and Tatiana had.
Hiking to the top, to have a look at the bay from above.
On our way with an outrigger to visit Alexander in the neihbour bay. it was raining a little…
Alexander, fishing some lunch for us when we arrived. he is 77 years old, and lives alone in the bay. he collects and sell copra. (the basis for coconut oil)
Arriving at the beach
from the left: Pascal, Alexander, Tom, Adam, Tatiana, Anisia, Christina & me


We invited everyone over one of the last evenings in Hanaiapa.
The girls. Anisia, Christina and Tatiana
The Boys; Me, Adam and Tom

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