The Ship

Designer: Einar Ohlson
Make / Model: Ohlson 28
Manufactured: 1976
Length: 28ft (8,6m)
Beam: 2,65m
Draught: 1,6m
Displacement: 3,1 tons –
(on paper)
Ballast: 1,3 tons
Motor: Solè Diesel mini 17
Hp: 16,5
Fuel Capacity: 175 l + 40 l
Water Capacity: 60 l + 100 l





Mare is a Swedish built Ohlson 28. It is a typical scandinavian fin keeled sailboat from the 70-80`s built with thick layers of fibreglass. She is quite skinny and sails quite well for a boat its size.
I don’t have much knowledge of her life before the new millennia, other that she was yellow before a Swedish couple bought and refitted her.
They pretty much completely renovated her, reinforced the windows with plexyglass portholes, upgraded the rigging, installed a pullpit, pushpit (with a home made windvane, which I later named Oddvar Brå) They made a targa with solar panels and the “rollbar” over the sprayhood, They molded a new diesel tank and gave her a new name – MARE. among countless other things they pretty much made her look like she does today.  In return for fixing her up, she took them for a year trip to the Caribbean and back again.

A new Swedish couple then adopted her, improved quite a few things based on experience from the last voyage. Installed a new solar panel and a HF radio with Pactor Modem. In return Mare faithfully took them also safely to the Caribbean and back again. The couple got a baby, and Mare needed someone with more time on their hands.

This is when I come into the picture… I took up a loan a month after starting in my first full time job and bought her 3rd September 2012. I instantly fell in love with the little boat when I first saw her, She was a proven boat, I knew I could trust her, and I hoped she would forgive my lack of experience, which she certainly did!

Oddvar Brå (the wind vane)

Oddvar Brå is a famous cross country skiier from Norway, who on the 25th February 1982 dramatically and accidentally broke his ski pole during a world cup race to the finish line, someone from the audience heroically came to the rescue, handed him a new pole and he barely won the race!
This episode led to a popular saying in Norway; “Where were you when Oddvar Brå broke his pole?”
Read more in this NY times article.

However, This is not supposed to be about the man, but about the wind vane.
During my first trip with Mare, me and my two friends Morten Bakke and Erik Flåten sailed to France together (Novice sailors straight out of the forrests of innland Norway all three of us). For days we were discussing the right name to give our 1st mate (The wind vane). and then, when we needd him the most during gale force winds and with a stalled engine close to shore, it happened, he broke the ski pole. (Yes; you read correct, a wind vane with a ski pole!) We managed to get Mare back on track after some hysterical seconds. However the name was clear now. given to us by fate on a silver plate. it was going to be ODDVAR BRÅ.
I am sure he is going to be mentioned here and there in my posts, so now you know who and what I am talking about….

Oddvar is a home made servo pendel wind vane made by Martin and Anna (Previous owners of Mare)
By directing the wind vane towards the wind, it can steer the boat by itself.
Oddvar is at the tiller approximately 90% of the time…



Bak-Axel is my dinghy, The word in Norwegian has two meanings, it is the “rear axle of a car”, and it also means “behind Axel” Which is what it usually is, behind me, when I tow him after Mare. The name could simply not be anything else.

Bak-Axel (Behind Axel)

Bak-Axel senior, He had an unfortunate tendancy to deflate at the worst possible moments. quite a few landings had to be delayed as he needed urgent attention.
He had served his purpose during 3 seasons in the Caribbean, and was due to retirement.


Bak-Axel jr. Previously called David Hasselhof was adopted by the previous owners when they found him floating upside-down in the middle of the Atlantic. He was traded to me in Cuba, and has proven to make life much easier than the old grumpy senior.