VHF Callsign: LI6517
SSB / Ham radio callsign: LA9XZ

  • VHF:  1. Marine VHF with DCS (DCS = Digital Selective Call / Distress call button)
    2. Handheld Standard Horizon Floating HX300 (Backup radio, in grab bag)
  • SSB / HF / Ham radio: Icom IC-706 MkII with Pactor 3 Modem.  I have a winlink Mail server based on a temporary Ham license, which means I can download e-mail and weather reports, and upload positin reports and outgoing e-mail for free!
  • Sattelite phone: (Motorola 9505 / Iridium) Super expensive shit, but good to have as backup and emergency.
  • WiFi Repeater: Long range wifi repeater which enables me to recieve wifi signals from far away. Whitch means free wifi!


  • Fire:
    Fire blanket, fire extinguisher, smoke / gas alarm, buckets.
  • Flooding & abandon ship:
    Viking 4 person life raft
    wooden plugs & Stay Afloat sealant
    Fibreglass kit
    manual bilge pump & buckets
  • MOB (Man Over Board):
    Olas alert and find MOB Tag (bluetooth for Android and iOS)
    Inflatable life jacket 150N with SOLAS lights
    Harness (instead of life jackets)
    Life buoy